"Calls for Government Incentives as District Assembly Elections Approach"
By: Samuel Yeboah - Kyzzfmonline
November 12, 2023

As the District Assembly Elections draw near, there are growing recommendations for the government to introduce incentives to generate interest and participation in local governance.

The prevailing apathy towards these elections is often attributed to a lack of public awareness about the roles and responsibilities of assembly leaders.

In a recent interview on the KYZZ FM morning show, Alhaji Kofi Gyampson highlighted the longstanding existence of district assemblies, noting that certain aspects of their operations have remained unchanged.

He explained that some individuals, driven by the misconception of financial benefits, exert considerable effort to secure positions in the assembly.

However, upon realization that the expected monetary gains are not substantial, their enthusiasm wanes.

Alhaji Gyampson emphasized the need for the government to address the issue of remuneration for assembly members.

He mentioned that proposals to pay salaries to these members have often been met with the argument that the sheer number of assembly members makes it financially challenging for the government.

To address this, he suggested restructuring the assembly by merging existing ones and appointing a designated head to oversee local affairs.

Proposing further support, Alhaji Kofi Gyampson recommended selling parliamentary vehicles and using the proceeds to acquire smaller vehicles for assembly members.

This, he believes, would facilitate their mobility in reaching smaller communities and contribute to local development in areas such as education, health, roads, and utilities.

Failure to take such steps, he cautioned, could hinder assembly members from fulfilling their responsibilities, diverting attention from major national projects.

Touching on the District Assembly Common Fund, Alhaji Kofi Gyampson urged the government to release the funds promptly to expedite local development projects.

Additionally, he called for reduced taxes on companies to encourage corporate social responsibility, further supporting the endeavors of the assembly.

In conclusion, Alhaji Gyampson appealed to the Minister of Local Government to closely examine the concerns of assembly members, aiming to enhance their capacity to drive development initiatives in the country.