"Ghana National Fire Service Issues Urgent Warning on Domestic Fires: Public Urged to Prioritize Safety Measures"
By: Samuel Yeboah - Kyzzfmonline
November 12, 2023

The Ghana National Fire Service is urging the public to be vigilant about domestic fires, which constitute 40% of recorded fire cases in the country.

In a recent interview on Kyzz FM's morning show, Assistant Division Officer Grade 2, Daniel Antwi Boasiako, emphasized the need for public awareness.

Boasiako highlighted that people often overlook fire hazards such as mosquito coils, cobwebs, bird nests, and children playing with lighters, matches, and candles – all significant contributors to domestic fires.

According to Boasiako, fire outbreaks result from the convergence of three elements: oxygen, heat, and fuel. While oxygen and fuel (e.g., combustible materials like paper) are ever-present, the introduction of heat triggers fire propagation during an outbreak.

The public was advised to exercise caution in handling items like candles, lighters, and electrical appliances, as improper use can lead to potential problems.

Boasiako particularly emphasized the safe handling of refrigerators, stating that they should not be placed close to walls to prevent increased power consumption.

Proper air circulation is essential to avoid excess heat that could initiate a fire outbreak.

To enhance safety, Boasiako recommended leaving a one-foot interval between the refrigerator and the wall and placing the appliance on a stand.

This information aims to sensitize the public to common causes of domestic fires and promote responsible practices, ultimately reducing the risk of fire incidents in households.