"Mixed Reactions as Nzema East Municipality Sees Change in Leadership"
By: Erzuah Amuzu - Kyzzfmonline
February 6, 2024

In the Nzema East Municipality of the Western Region, a wave of jubilation has swept through a section of the general public, including a few NPP supporters, in response to the dismissal of the Municipal Chief Executive, Elizabeth Amoah. Residents, particularly in the Municipal capital, Axim, cite alleged disregard for public opinion and party members' views as reasons for their celebration.

According to some locals, Madam Elizabeth Amoah, during her three-year tenure, failed to align with the needs and preferences of the community. Accusations range from a lack of developmental progress to strained relationships within the municipality.

Some residents argue that her performance did not measure up to that of her predecessor, further fueling discontent.

Among the critics are party members who claim they had long wished for her dismissal, suggesting that the announcement did not come as a surprise to them.

With hopes for a fresh start, they express optimism that the newly appointed MCE, Mr. Essien, will learn from the perceived mistakes of his predecessor.

Looking ahead, there is a collective desire for Mr. Essien to implement practical measures that would unite the party and potentially regain political control from the NDC in the upcoming Parliamentary and Presidential Elections.

Breaking the 'eight syndrome' is a shared aspiration, and many believe that a change in leadership could pave the way for renewed party unity.

Party executives have already initiated discussions with Mr. Essien, demonstrating a proactive approach to address concerns and set the stage for a smoother transition.

Members highlight Mr. Essien's long-standing service to the party, emphasizing his deserving nature for the appointed position.

As Nzema East anticipates a new chapter under Mr. Essien's leadership, the community's expectations are high.

The collective hope is that the new Municipal Chief Executive will bring a fresh perspective, foster unity within the party, and actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the municipality.

The dynamics of this leadership change will undoubtedly shape the political landscape in the region in the months to come.