"Vision Beyond Sight: The Inspirational Journey of Frederick Armah Tawiah, Ghana's National PWD Best Farmer"
By: Samuel Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
December 5, 2023

In the realm where sight often reigns supreme, Frederick Armah Tawiah stands as a beacon of determination and resilience.

Despite losing his vision thirteen years ago, he defied the boundaries of disability to emerge as Ghana's National Person with Disability (PWD) Best Farmer at the prestigious National Farmers Day celebration held in Tarkwa.

KYZZ FM had the honor of speaking with Mr. Tawiah on their morning show hosted by Dr. Sharckles.

Through this enlightening conversation, a tale of unwavering dedication and extraordinary achievement unfolded.

Originally aspiring to be a journalist, fate steered Mr. Tawiah's course into the realms of farming.

Today, his farm in Subirim-Nkwanta boasts diverse crops – cocoa, palm, cassava, yam, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, alongside a thriving menagerie of goats, sheep, poultry, and snails numbering a thousand.

The question arose, how does he manage this feat without sight?

With an air of mystery and determination, Mr. Tawiah revealed that he executes every task, from planting to harvesting, often with minimal or no assistance, surprising even seasoned farm laborers with his passion and vigor.

When asked about his driving force, Mr. Armah Tawiah emphasized his desire to reshape the perception of farming among the youth.

Despite facing occasional mishaps, he views farming as a noble profession, not a sentence, and aims to set an example that everything is achievable regardless of challenges.

Peering into the future, his dreams gleamed with ambition.

He envisions expanding his farming enterprise to employ more youths and individuals with disabilities.

His innovative approach includes creating organic fertilizers, weedicides, and even manufacturing soap from snail water extract, all fueled by his commitment to research and technology.

However, amid his triumphs and aspirations, Mr. Tawiah revealed a poignant struggle – the lack of adequate support.

A heartbreaking incident of being robbed after securing a loan to fund his business spotlighted the challenges he faces.

He issued a heartfelt appeal to well-wishers, urging them to rally behind his vision to foster development not only for himself but also for the nation.

He firmly believes that his national accolade will propel him to work even harder to gain recognition across Africa.

Frederick Armah Tawiah's narrative is one of resilience, fortitude, and an unyielding spirit.

Despite the obstacles, he remains unwavering in his pursuit of success and contribution to the agricultural landscape, proving that true vision extends far beyond the limitations of sight.