"3rd International Coconut Festival in Western Region Shines Spotlight on Economic and Cultural Significance"
By: Joyceline Stephens and Marian Graves-Woode - Kyzzfmonline
September 30, 2023

The Ceremonial Opening of the 3rd International Coconut Festival in Ghana, held in Sekondi Takoradi, was a momentous event that underscored the profound significance of the coconut industry in the country.

This industry, which has deep roots in the Western Region, was showcased for its remarkable contributions to both the national economy and the vibrant tapestry of Ghanaian culture.

Honorable Kobby Okyere Darko, in his keynote address, eloquently emphasized the imperative of investing in the coconut sector. He underscored that such investments could position Ghana as a global powerhouse in coconut production.

In addition to advocating for the coconut industry, he used the platform to promote tourism in the Western Region. Attendees were warmly invited to explore local tourist gems like Bisa Abrewa and Nzulenzu, highlighting the synergy between the coconut industry and tourism.

The theme of the festival, "Invest in Ghana’s Coconut Sector and Improve Climate and Social Resilience," eloquently encapsulated the core ethos of the event. It signaled a commitment to sustainable development in the coconut sector and its role in fortifying both environmental and societal resilience.

A powerful statement was made by the presence of several senior high schools, including Daboase Senior High, Sekondi College, Ahantaman Girls, and Archbishop Porter Girls Senior High Schools. Their participation underscored the efforts by the African Coconut Group to involve the youth's support for the coconut industry's growth.

Dr. Afua Asabea Asare, the CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority, expressed profound pride in the partnership between her organization and the African Coconut Group. She celebrated Ghana's growing stature as a formidable player in global coconut production and export.

Davis Narh Korbo, the Group Chairman of the African Coconut Group, elaborated on the multifaceted importance of coconuts in Ghana. This included their vital roles in food production, oil extraction, crafting, and beyond.

William Quaitoo, CEO of TCDA, provided a comprehensive overview of the myriad applications of coconuts in Ghana. These encompassed culinary uses, such as cooking and milk production, as well as artisanal activities like crafting.

Ambassador B.A Osman, the Nigerian Deputy High Commissioner to Ghana, illuminated the medicinal properties of coconuts, particularly in skincare and haircare. He underscored the natural healing attributes that coconuts are renowned for.

The event was adorned with cultural dance performances set to the melodious strains of Ahanta traditional songs. These performances added a vibrant and deeply traditional element to the proceedings, reminding attendees of the rich cultural heritage underpinning the coconut industry.

Dr. Asiedu John Hopkins, delivering a speech on behalf of KT Hammond, MP for Adanse Asokwa and Minister designated for Trade and Industry, called for active engagement, idea-sharing, and networking throughout the festival's duration. He commended the event's participants and encouraged them to foster clean and fruitful business deals.

Dr. Hopkins congratulated the Honorable Minister for hosting the event, recognizing the dear place of the coconut industry in his heart. He further stressed the need to stay committed to making Ghana a true leader in the global coconut sector, emphasizing the drought-resistant nature of coconuts and their suitability for cultivation across various regions of Ghana.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Emmanuel Afriyie Owusu, likely summarizing the key takeaways and extending gratitude to all participants.

Following the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity to visit exhibition tents at Akroma Plaza's entrance, where they could engage in the buying and selling of a diverse array of coconut-related products.

In essence, the 3rd International Coconut Festival in Ghana was a jubilant celebration of the coconut industry, serving as a clarion call for investment, while simultaneously shedding light on the cultural and economic significance of coconuts in the region.

It provided a vital platform for education, commerce, and the exploration of the myriad applications of this versatile fruit.