"Anto Aboso Explosion: Latest Updates and Consequences"
By: Yeboah - Kyzzfmonline
September 15, 2023

In the aftermath of the Anto Aboso explosion incident, several developments and concerns have emerged:

  1. Missing Chinese National:

  1. It was reported that a Chinese national who was admitted to one of the hospitals after the explosion had allegedly run away. However, Mr. Michael Nyan, the District NADMO Coordinator for the Shama District Assembly, clarified in an interview with Kyyz FM's Morning Show host, C.J., that this speculation is untrue.

  1. Hospital Admissions:

  1. Mr. Nyan provided details about the patients who were admitted to various hospitals following the explosion. He stated that five Ghanaian nationals were hospitalized:
  • Two were sent to St. Benedict Hospital.
  • Another two were taken to the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital.
  • One person was admitted to the Takoradi European Hospital.
  • Fortunately, Mr. Nyan noted that all the patients were responding well to treatment, and one of them was discharged on September 13, 2023.

  1. Missing Individuals:

  1. The whereabouts of individuals who were reported missing remain unknown, whether they are alive or if they fled the scene. The site manager confirmed that three of them were present at the site during the incident.

  1. Impact on Communities:

  1. Nine communities near the explosion site, particularly in the Asorko and Daboase areas, were affected. Many residents experienced damage to their buildings, including cracks in walls, ceilings, broken window panes, and damage to electronic devices such as TVs and laptops. NADMO officials have collected information on the affected individuals and are preparing to provide assistance in the coming days.

  1. Presiding Member's Concerns:

  1. Mr. Emmanuel Mark Ackon, the Presiding Member for the assembly, expressed his frustration at being sidelined in the decision-making process since the incident occurred. He highlighted that this issue is not unique to his district but is a widespread problem across the country. Despite the neglect, he is actively collaborating with assembly members and officials to find a lasting solution to the challenges posed by the explosion.