"Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital Faces Challenges, Seeks Support for Enhanced Healthcare"
By: Angela Ofori Gyasi - Kyzzfmonline
February 6, 2024

The Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital stands as a vital healthcare institution facing a myriad of challenges, as revealed by the Public Relations Officer, Christian Baidoo.

In an exclusive interview with Kyzz FM in Sekondi, Mr. Baidoo shed light on the difficulties the hospital encounters, calling for public support to overcome these hurdles and provide optimal healthcare services.

One pressing concern highlighted by Mr. Baidoo is the financial burden placed on patients seeking treatment at the hospital.

He emphasized that many patients end up spending significant amounts, illustrating the need for financial aid to alleviate the strain on those seeking medical attention.

The shortage of hospital beds in the labor ward emerged as another critical issue. Mr. Baidoo appealed to the public, urging support to address this shortage and ensure that expectant mothers receive the care they deserve during the crucial moments of childbirth.

The scarcity of medical equipment poses a significant challenge, hindering the hospital's ability to deliver top-notch services.

Mr. Baidoo emphasized the necessity of suction machines, veins finders, and other essential medical equipment to enhance the hospital's functionality.

Despite reaching out to various organizations for assistance, the hospital's appeals have so far proven unsuccessful.

In addressing the controversial matter surrounding 'faulty' defibrillators, Mr. Baidoo clarified that the hospital has received three new defibrillating machines from the Sekondi-Takoradi Progressive Club Global (STPCG), offering a resolution to the issue that gained media attention.

On a positive note, Mr. Baidoo shared that the government of Ghana initiated a building project in late 2022/2023, elevating the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital to a tertiary teaching hospital in the Ahanta West District of Takoradi.

Construction is currently underway, signifying a significant step towards improving healthcare infrastructure in the region.

The hospital's commitment to community well-being was underscored by its annual provision for a mental health care program, ensuring that staff stays abreast of mental health challenges through physiotherapy.

Additionally, the hospital has been proactive in reaching out to the public, conducting free eye-screening exercises and educating communities on preventive health measures.

Mr. Baidoo emphasized that the hospital gauges success by monitoring yearly maternal and infant mortality rates, highlighting the institution's dedication to reducing mortality rates and improving patient well-being.

As Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital continues to face challenges head-on, the call for public support resonates, signaling an opportunity for the community to rally behind this crucial healthcare institution and contribute to the well-being of all residents in the Western Region.