Embracing Social Revolution for Ghana's Progress: A Call for Mindset Change
By: Samuel Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
December 10, 2023

It is sad to note that in Africa, the moment revolution is mentioned, blood has to accompany it.

Unlike foreign countries like France, Germany, and America which had their revolutions about their system of governance, it is not so here.

Now, the attitudes of the ordinary Ghanaian need to change because even though there has been lots of revolution involving military coups in the country after Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the negative mindset and bad attitude of the citizens continue to affect socio-economic development.

Speaking on the sensitive issue, Honorable Mark Ackon, the presiding member of the Shama District Assembly told the host, Dr Sharckles on the KYZZ FM morning show that social revolution is the radical change in the established order by the government and social institutions where force is used to change the behavior of the people.

Emphasizing behavioral traits, Honorable Ackon said that they are difficult to change but with the use of radical means, things might transform for the better.

However, before the thought of revolution in society, Ghanaians must accept that most of the behavioral traits they are accustomed to are bad, hence the need for a social revolution so that the things that are not going well will begin to see improvement.

He explained every aspect of society is affected by bad behavioral traits from education, health, and mostly politics but because of the fear and the constitution on treason, the urge to talk is subdued amid critical awareness.

Suggesting ways through which society can be revolutionized, Hon. Mark Ackon noted that it all boils down to insightful talks with the citizenry to make them understand the need to have a change of mindset.

Also, the constitution needs to be reviewed because of certain provisions that have already served the purpose from the inception of the 4th Republic but this situation seems impossible because most of the politicians today are enjoying the privileges those sections of the constitution present.

Furthermore, Honorable Ackon opined that leadership can also influence social revolution in our society as President Nana Akuffo Addo demonstrated during the Covid-19 era by limiting the number of people who can assemble for a funeral.

This directive, he said reduced the cost involved for funerals.

In a concluding statement, Hon. Ackon suggested that everyone must condition their mind towards the things that are not good to be changed and also there should be honesty without attack so that people can contribute their ideas towards national development with the aim of a social revolution.