"Ghana AIDS Commission Issues Urgent Warning Amidst Surge in HIV/AIDS Cases"
By: Samuel Yeboah - Kyzzfmonline
November 12, 2023

The Ghana AIDS Commission is issuing a critical alert to the public, emphasizing the persistent threat of HIV/AIDS and citing recent complacency as a catalyst for the disease's resurgence in the country.

In an interview with Mr. Dramani Yakubu, the Western Regional Technical Coordinator of the Ghana AIDS Commission, he expressed concern over the public's growing indifference despite ongoing risks.

Despite a drop in awareness efforts, Yakubu stressed that the data underscores the continued prevalence of the disease.

As of the latest statistics in 2023, Yakubu disclosed that 354,927 people are currently living with HIV/AIDS in Ghana, comprising 1.66% of the general population, with 16,574 newly reported cases.

In the Western Region, 23,904 individuals are living with HIV/AIDS, and 1,001 new infections were reported in 2023.

Yakubu addressed the challenges faced by the Commission, pointing to a significant reduction in funding for awareness campaigns.

In contrast to earlier stages when fear drove substantial funding, current resources for awareness have sharply declined.

He also identified the advent of effective medications as a challenge, as people are now less fearful due to the availability of treatments that support a normal, healthy life.

In response to these challenges, Yakubu highlighted the Commission's commitment to educating the public, particularly the vulnerable youth demographic engaged in the prevalent hookup culture.

Despite current constraints, he expressed optimism for increased resources with the anticipation of a new global fund next year.

As part of the solution, Mr. Dramani Yakubu urged the public to practice safe sex by consistently and correctly using condoms, staying informed about the disease, undergoing regular testing, and adhering to prescribed medications if diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

The Commission remains dedicated to raising awareness and preventing the further spread of the disease in the country.