GSTS Alumni Unite in "San Bra Fie" Celebration: A Blood Donation Drive for Community Welfare
By: Samuel Adams - Kyzzfmonline
November 27, 2023

In a remarkable show of solidarity and service, the Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) marks its 114th Anniversary with a resounding call to action.

The school's Old Students Association orchestrated a monumental event, culminating in a blood donation exercise aimed at supporting the Takoradi Hospital's blood bank.

In a recent interview on KYZZ FM's morning show with Dr. Sharckles, a group of distinguished GSTS alumni shared the intricate details of the event.

Giant David Nii Amon Antonio, a member of the planning committee representing the "94" year group, unveiled the theme for this year's homecoming celebration: "San Bra Fie," meaning "come back home."

The festivities commence on November 29th, with the arrival of former students, registration, and opportunities for social interaction.

Continuing the celebration on November 30th, registration continues, accompanied by a career talk aimed at guiding current students.

The day ended with more opportunities for alumni and students to connect socially, fostering a sense of community and mentorship.

However, the pinnacle of the event was set for December 1st when the blood donation drive took center stage within the school premises.

Health professionals from Takoradi Hospital were poised to oversee this vital initiative.

Following the donation, the alumni intended to inaugurate the school's first-ever old student Jama group, celebrating with a vibrant float across the principal streets of Twin City.

The day also marked the commissioning of mega projects accomplished by former students, symbolizing their ongoing commitment to the school's progress.

Giant Ralph Setorfia, representing the "91-year group and serving as the Tarkwa Chapter President for the alumni association, alongside Giants Kofi Hughlet from the "76" year group and Francis Quaye from the "2001" year group, stressed the paramount importance of the blood donation exercise.

They issued a compelling call to action, urging residents of Sekondi-Takoradi, fellow alumni, families, parents, and all well-wishers of GSTS to participate actively.

Importantly, they highlighted that the donated blood would not be retained within the school but would serve the larger community by bolstering the Takoradi Hospital blood bank.

The collective efforts of these dedicated alumni showcased the essence of unity, service, and the profound impact of giving back to the community.

As the "San Bra Fie" celebrations unfolded, it wasn't merely a reunion; it was a testament to the enduring spirit and commitment of GSTS alumni toward fostering positive change in the society they call home.