Hidden in the Digital Masterplan of Ghana is the muddy waters of ALIMONY.
By: Sharckles - Kyzzfmonline
June 28, 2023

Hidden within Ghana's digital master plan lies a significant but overlooked aspect: alimony. Although the masterminds behind the plan may not have explicitly considered it, the concept of spousal maintenance is inherently intertwined with their vision.

Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, refers to the financial support awarded by the courts to the lower-earning spouse in a divorce.

In the United Kingdom, many Ghanaian men entered into marriages without fully comprehending or adhering to these legal obligations.

Consequently, after divorce, the determined amount is electronically deducted from the higher-earning spouse's paycheck and transferred to the woman's account.

This lack of awareness or negligence regarding spousal maintenance laws has caused significant harm to many African men in the UK.

Similarly, in Ghana, there have been several cases where women struggle to receive their court-ordered alimony payments.

However, a transformation is on the horizon, fueled by the increasing digitization of financial transactions in Ghana.

In a society where even purchasing household electricity now requires a mobile money (Momo) account, the government of Ghana is actively pursuing digital payment solutions for its civil service, the country's largest workforce.

GHIPPS, an organization involved in Ghana's digital payment infrastructure, plays a crucial role in this endeavor.

The implications of this digital shift are profound.

Post-divorce, alimony, or spousal maintenance will be deducted directly from any digital wallets, facilitating streamlined and efficient transactions.

It is essential for Ghanaian mothers to impart this knowledge to their sons, emphasizing the importance of financial responsibility and encouraging them not to shirk their obligations.

Ghanaian men are known for their intelligence, but they must also address this issue diligently.

This topic should be openly discussed within homes, beer bars, and clubhouses, as the digital payment of alimony marches steadily forward.

You thought we have forgotten child support!

By sharing this message, kyzzfmonline aims to create awareness among all parties involved.