Massive Demonstration to hit Shama on Monday 3rd July 2023
By: Joyceline Stephens - Kyzzfmonline
June 30, 2023

The Shama district was established in March 2008 after being carved out of the former Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Assembly (SAEMA), with Shama town serving as its administrative capital.

The district comprises fifty-four communities.

On Kyzz Fm Morning Show today, Nana Kwesi Mensah reported that the roads in the Shama district and its communities are in poor condition.

The road to Shama

He mentioned that the chiefs in the district have decided to take action in order to have the roads fixed or improved.

According to the Chiefs, they have realized that the government will not assist them in road repairs unless they take matters into their own hands.

As a result, they have agreed to organize a large demonstration on Monday, July 3, 2023, to protest against the government and local authorities in the Shama district.

This demonstration aims to highlight the deplorable state of all the roads in the district.

Nana Kwesi further stated that they spoke to the Paramount Chief of the Yaabiw community, who expressed support for the demonstration along with the other chiefs.

The Chiefs hope that the demonstration will compel the government to recognize the need for progress in their communities.

The demonstration is planned to start from the Shama junction to Shama, as well as from the Nyanokrom junction to Nyanokrom.

State of the Nyanokrom Junction road

Letters have been sent to various organizations, including the GPRTU Chairman, the Police, and the media in the entire Shama district, urging them to show support for the demonstration.

Nana Kwesi continued by mentioning that the condition of the roads deteriorated during the leadership of the former MP, Angelina Amissah.

This has caused difficulties for pregnant women in labor who need to travel on these roads to reach the hospital.

He also highlighted the poor state of the Shama hospital, which lacks the necessary materials and facilities, leading people to seek treatment at the Inchaban Hospital instead.

The frustration caused by these issues has motivated the chiefs and the people to organize the demonstration in order to bring about change.

Nana Kwesi further reported that the late Honorable Ato Panford had made plans to build a hospital for the Shama community.

The chiefs allocated him a plot of land for the project, but currently, the land remains unused and overgrown with weeds.

Land allocated for the proposed Hospital.

The company to build the hospital was Polychanda Ltd.

The late Panford also planned to construct a playing field for the communities.

The abandoned land for the mini stadium

This serves as another reason behind the planned demonstration.

Additionally, he mentioned that the current MP for the Shama district, Honorable Samuel Erickson Abakah, has focused more on putting up posters and billboards in the community rather than addressing the needs of the people.

The community members are disappointed because, before his time in office, his motto was "obiara bedzidzi," meaning "everyone will eat."

However, he has not responded to their pleas or engaged with the community.

Nana Kwesi concluded by stating that the MP has not even met with the Chiefs to discuss solutions for the poor road conditions in the Shama district.

The demonstration is being organized by the Chiefs, Concerned youth of Shama, and the Transport Union, including taxi and trotro drivers.