By: Sharckles - Kyzzfmonline
July 30, 2023

This review was based on four assumptions:

1. The organizers of the program would want to elevate the event to an industry standard where the winner can compete in a national event.

2. The event could become a memorable one, appealing to people of all classes in the region, and making them want to include it in their annual event calendar.

3. Authorities would aim to incorporate the event as part of the region's tourist attractions.

4. The authorities would quickly renovate the regional theatre, or an investor could build a higher seating capacity theater.

With that said, the event was well-organized, especially considering the young age of the organizers.

The young men working on the event grounds were very hardworking, even though it seemed that preparations didn't start early enough.

However, the waiting bay at the GNAT could have been better organized to entertain the initial wave of attendees.

It wasn't clear if water and snacks were being sold at 8 pm, despite the Red Carpet being scheduled to start at 7 pm.

As it neared 9 pm, picture-taking on the Red Carpet was disorganized, mainly done by individuals. Some attendees had to wait inside the hall for a long time before the Police arrived to check tickets.

Wunnam 1st Runner Up

The checking of tickets could have been handled more orderly. Additionally, it was unclear why VIP seats were almost equivalent to the normal seats, and the seats themselves were uncomfortable for some of the elderly attendees.

The program was billed to start at 8 pm but began nearly at 10 pm. The Red Carpet, hosted by Akosua Tilly, the radio host, was well-done, though the fashion on the carpet was average and sometimes drab.

Akosua looked beautiful in her figure-hugging dress, but some might suggest she could do with intermittent fasting.

The sound was good, and the DJs played danceable songs. However, microphone checks were poor, with contestants' voices sometimes sounding shrill, and lapel microphones were even worse.

The main MC, M. O. Boahene, had some initial wardrobe issues, with an unpolished shoe, but his second outfit was on point, complementing his frame well with a neatly polished shoe. He spoke confidently and well, but he struggled to tell jokes or engage the audience with stories.

An interesting incident occurred when a lean tall man, presumably a gold dealer, arrived with money and bought 30 tickets. He demanded that Nananom be moved away from the choice table for his entourage, causing a brief tussle with the young organizers, but Nananom prevailed.

The gold dealer boldly declared that Marfowah was there to win the crown.

Some contestants might benefit from fitness advice, especially doing squats, before taking on such assignments.

Audrey 2nd Runner Up

The lighting and graphics were well-done, and the backdrop was impressive. However, it appeared that the staff of EX-1 might have been fatigued and inexperienced, leading to lapses in the program's itinerary.

Stage performances didn't start until 10.45 pm, with no entertainment on stage before 9.27 pm. The overall entertainment was below par, except for an enthusiastic performance by Bobo Dadabee.

Bobo in full flight

Amaro's performance was not electrifying, and the music selection didn't suit his dance.

On the other hand, Snow B. performed well.

The musical performance from the older folk, along with two younger men, was energetic, and the highlife music was good.

Khalipha, a budding musician, showcased fine footwear and performed well, but his act needed better packaging.


The reviewer recalls DJ Rapido's presence.

The contestants were introduced around 9.45 pm.

Their appearances were okay, provided the intention is not to represent the Western region at the national level.

The contestants' choreography was graceful, and their energy was palpable. They went through various stages of examination, testing their ability to think fast on their feet.

The winners were as follows: Audrey won the Miss Photogenic title, Nyfa was awarded Miss Congenial, Maggie received Miss Talent, and Wunnam was named Most Fashionable.

Unfortunately, Marfowah went home without an award.

Surprisingly, none of the contestants appeared to be sweating, despite spending the night at room temperature.

The high tables were served with fruit juice from Sip and Bites. The liquid had no discernible taste of sugar but was not too sharp.

The snack, provided by Bibi, included well-fried plantain chips and a tasty crunchy spring roll. Both enterprises had excellent packaging.

However, one surprising act was Isaac, the chief executive of Ex-1, who looked shy during his speech, considering the fine concept of the event.

Isaac CEO, Ex 1

Some of the attendees raised issues with the rating process resulting in about a 30-minute break. 

Evelyn eventually emerged as Miss Western 2023 and won the crown, although the reviewer wasn't present for the car presentation.

This was 5.15 am