Myriad of Problems At Kokompe
By: Ekua Stephens - Kyzzfmonline
July 10, 2023

Kokompe, an auto industrial hub in Takoradi, consists of 14 zones, each facing its own set of problems.

However, the most prevalent and major issue is flooding during rainfall, particularly in zone eight.

The entire area lacks a fence, making it easily accessible to trespassers.

Given the large size of Kokompe, it is practically impossible to place security guards around the perimeter.

As a result, workers often return to find that their tools or valuable belongings have been stolen.

Incidents of theft at Kokompe occur almost every day.

A worker from zone two mentioned that their primary challenge is paying various taxes to the local government, yet they lack proper and usable toilet facilities.

According to him, the facility becomes full within a short span of about two months.

His suggestion is to acquire a machine that can transfer the waste from the manhole through a pipe to a nearby flowing stream, allowing the feces to flow away.

Currently, all workers, regardless of their positions, resort to defecating in the bush.

Another worker added that their washroom was constructed in January 2015 during Mahama's tenure, but it lacks a water supply.

As a result, they rely on a single well for their water needs.

Additionally, one worker highlighted the issue of faulty cars being parked on the roadside for repairs since the roads were fixed.

Although the leaders have expressed concerns to the workers about this matter, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The local government has authorized the removal of these faulty cars from the roadside, but this measure has not had a positive effect on the workers.

Consequently, cars continue to be parked on the roadside, causing congestion and hindering access to the double-lane road.

The worker earnestly appealed to the local government to address these issues and find solutions on their behalf.

Finally, one of the workers concluded that the taxes collected by the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (STMA) have increased this year without any meaningful discussion with them.

He emphasized that they consistently receive bills from the STMA and stressed the need for action to be taken regarding the bills they pay.

According to the Sub-metro director of STMA Takoradi, Nana Asempanaye Ababio, in response to the concerns raised by workers at Kokompe, several actions have been taken to address their issues. Here are the key points made by the Director:

  1. Street Lights:

In February, the Metropolitan Chief Executive for Sekondi Takoradi led the Assembly to present 250 street lights to Kokompe. This was in response to the concerns about theft issues, such as stolen batteries from repaired cars and thieves breaking into shops at night. Each streetlight costs GHC 800, and the Director emphasized that the taxes paid by the workers provided the funds for these streetlights.

  1. Lorry Terminal:

The Assembly has also constructed a lorry terminal at Kokompe. However, the director mentioned that there are some challenges with its operation, and it is currently not functioning as intended.

  1. Road Asphalt:

A few years ago, the government undertook the asphalt of road networks in Kokompe. The Director questioned the source of funding for this project and emphasized that it was made possible through the taxes collected from the workers.

  1. Other Infrastructure:

The Director highlighted that the taxes collected from Kokompe not only benefit the community itself but also contribute to other developmental projects in the Assembly. These include the construction of schools, CHPS (Community-Based Health Planning and Services) compounds, and sanitation facilities throughout the Assembly.

  1. Office Partnerships:

The Director mentioned that there are offices in Kokompe, such as the French Government in partnership with the Assembly that was built for skills training and other workshops. These collaborations are made possible due to the taxes paid by the workers.

  1. Sanitary Facilities:

The Director refuted the claim that there is only one toilet facility in Kokompe. He stated that there are actually three or four toilet facilities available, emphasizing that the workers benefit from these sanitary facilities. He acknowledged that probably the state of the facilities might be poor.

  1. Congestion on the Roads:

Last two weeks the Assembly, had to tow four cars from the streets. This was thwarted by the executives pleading on behalf of the culprits. they requested the Assembly to embark on a sensitization exercise for a week starting on the 10th of July, to enable the workers to be fully informed. After the week, all vehicles will be towed away to the head office at Sekondi

  1. Drainage:

The Assembly has had engagements with the old and the new executives over this issue. Some of the operators pour sand and stones in the gutters to enable vehicles to cross over into their shop blocking water flow. Refuse and plastic waste left by the workers is also accounting for the poor drainage. They should also engage in community cleaning and the Assembly will pitch in with tools.

In summary, Nana Asempanaye Ababio of STMA Takoradi acknowledged the concerns raised by the workers at Kokompe.

However, he emphasized that the taxes paid by the workers contribute to various developmental projects and infrastructure not only in Kokompe but also throughout the Assembly.