"National Commission Urges Public Engagement in District Assembly Elections for Enhanced Local Governance"
By: Samuel Yeboah - Kyzzfmonline
November 15, 2023

The National Commission for Civic Education is urging the public to prioritize the upcoming District Assembly elections, emphasizing the significance of active participation in these crucial democratic processes.

During a recent interview on Kyzz FM's morning show, Mrs. Harriet Addey-Woode, the metro director for STMA, highlighted the necessity of reminding local communities about the importance of engaging in the forthcoming elections.

She underscored that the commission's recent focus on public education has centered on both the impending elections and child protection initiatives.

Mrs. Addey-Woode noted that their primary challenge has been funding, which has hampered their operational capacity.

Consequently, she appealed to stakeholders for support, stressing the vital role of educating the general public on their civic rights and pertinent societal issues.

Additionally, Mrs. Rita Adu-Kyeremeh, a Civic Education officer at the Takoradi Sub-metro, expressed concern over the public's attitude.

She highlighted a prevalent mindset where individuals expect the government to solve all problems, neglecting local issues that could be addressed within communities.

In response, she explained the crucial role of elected assembly members and unit committee members in managing local affairs.

These representatives contribute to the administration of the locality, forwarding pertinent matters to the assembly, and subsequently to parliament for deliberation and potential solutions.

Mrs. Adu-Kyeremeh encouraged the general public to participate in the upcoming elections actively, emphasizing how this engagement is integral to enhancing local governance and ensuring effective community administration.