Now it Hurts, "Try Me." - Sarkodie
By: Sharckles - Kyzzfmonline
June 28, 2023

Award-winning musician Sarkodie has denied claims that he forced actress Yvonne Nelson to have an abortion in 2010.

In his new song titled "Try Me," which was released on June 27, 2023, Sarkodie shared his side of the story, expressing his emotions and revealing that he wanted Nelson to keep the baby, but she refused due to being in school at the time.

Sarkodie, known for his hit song "Country Side," confessed that he was deeply in love with Yvonne Nelson but eventually realized he was just one of the many guys in her life during that period.

The song, which lasts 3 minutes and 16 seconds, reflects his personal experiences.

He mentioned that he had chosen not to disclose this aspect of his life until death but was compelled to speak up after Yvonne Nelson shared a story that portrayed her in a favorable light.

Sarkodie's lyrics in "Try Me" express his side of the story:

"I'm not going to lie, we had a thing. At first, I thought we had something until I realized there were other guys involved.

When you told me you were pregnant, I wasn't ready, but I urged you to keep it.

You said you were focused on your education, but I still find it hard to believe.

I suggested that my doctor take care of you, but you later texted me that your friend recommended a different doctor... So don't make it seem like I was the one pressuring you for an abortion. Baby girl, don't try me."

However, Yvonne Nelson responded to Sarkodie's song with a tweet on June 28, stating, "Insults won't work, Michael. Respect womanhood. I'm glad the world gets to see your true colors. Young women can learn from this. You may receive applause for your rap, but it doesn't change the truth."

Yvonne Nelson, an award-winning actress, previously revealed in a book that she had terminated a pregnancy for Sarkodie in 2010 after a short relationship.

According to her account in Chapter 8 of her memoir, pages 88-95, Sarkodie and his manager accompanied her to a clinic in Mamprobi after an unsuccessful attempt with pills recommended by a friend.

Nelson made the decision due to Sarkodie's young age and financial instability at the time.