By: Sharckles and Prof. Asafo-Adjei - Kyzzfmonline
September 8, 2023

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces a major energy crisis, with over 600 million people lacking access to reliable power.

This problem hampers economic development and affects various aspects of life, including health and education.

One solution to this energy crisis is Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

TVET focuses on practical skills and knowledge related to various industries. It's not just about technical skills but also includes soft skills like communication and teamwork.

TVET can be offered by both public and private institutions and aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities.

In the past, there was a divide between manual and intellectual work, but today, this division is fading. TVET can help bridge this gap and provide opportunities for all students, including those who may struggle in traditional academic settings.

However, the state of TVET in many African nations has been weak due to historical challenges, including graduate unemployment, budget cuts, and insufficient investments.

TVET is often undervalued, and its infrastructure is outdated in many places.

Despite these challenges, TVET has the potential to address SSA's energy problems effectively. It can train individuals in fields like renewable energy, electrical engineering, and energy management, empowering them to work on sustainable energy solutions.

Additionally, TVET can promote entrepreneurship and innovation, enabling local communities to develop their own energy systems.

To make TVET more effective, African governments and policymakers must invest in improving its quality and relevance.

This includes updating curricula to include renewable energy technologies and fostering partnerships between TVET institutions and industry players.

TVET can help Sub-Saharan Africa move towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future, but it requires commitment and investment from all stakeholders.

This write-up was culled from a keynote address given by Prof. Ramos Asafo-Adjei during the 4th International Conference organized by The Federal Polytechnic,ilaro in conjunction with Takoardi Technical University.