"The Secret Code of Wives"
By: Sharckles - Kyzzfmonline
August 12, 2023

We kindly request your cooperation in refraining from audio recording, filming, or photographing this production. Thank you.

This message greeted me as I attempted to take photos during the performance of "The Secret Code of Wives," a play by Roverman Productions, hosted at the Akroma Hotel over the weekend.

The event was sponsored by Ebony Condoms, and attendees, including me, received a complimentary pack of Ebony condoms upon entry.

Though I attended with a complimentary ticket, the play itself was engaging, shedding light on a significant truth about wives: the power they hold in shaping their husbands' lives.

The message was that a wife's influence can be equally nurturing and potentially destructive.

The director of the play was not biased, as the songs they sang alongside their acting were both gospel and circular music.

The lady actress was so amusing to watch.

The play concluded with a lively dance exhibition, leaving a positive impression.

The creativity of the Ebony condom advert was of the highest order.

I wholeheartedly recommend this show to others.

However, it's worth noting that the hall where the production took place was plagued by a notable mosquito presence.

To enhance the overall experience, it would be advisable for the management of Akroma Plaza to conduct thorough mosquito control measures, such as industrial spraying, before renting out the hall for events.

This step would undoubtedly contribute to a more enjoyable environment for both performers and attendees.