The Unveiling Narrative of Essikafo-Ammbantem's Forgotten Daycare: A Call for Community Action
By: Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
November 29, 2023

Nestled at the heart of Essikafo-Ammbantem number one lies the 31st December Day Care, a once-thriving institution that has silently faded into obscurity over the passing years.

The community's pride and joy, this beautiful edifice, now stands desolate, its gates closed and the once vibrant halls now engulfed by neglect and disarray.

A recent visit by KYZZ FM unveiled the unfortunate state of the daycare—a poignant reminder of its abandonment.

Overgrown bushes now cloak their surroundings, and filth mars the beauty that once defined this educational haven.

The space was recently allocated to Winners Learning Center to operate a remedial school, yet signs of any activities were conspicuously absent.

In a determined effort to uncover the truth behind this abandonment, Dr. Sharckles engaged Honorable Elder Ben Arku, the respected assemblyman of the area.

Elder Arku shed light on the daycare's decline, attributing its closure to a gradual decrease in admissions as new educational institutions emerged in the vicinity.

Since assuming office in 2019, Elder Arku has sought access to community gatherings and engagement but encountered barriers due to the ownership and management of the property.

Elder Arku expressed a vision for the dormant space—transforming it into an event center for the community's benefit, potentially generating revenue.

However, challenges concerning management and land ownership, particularly involving Mr. Henry, have hindered this promising prospect.

Despite the complexities, Honorable Ben Arku highlighted his achievements and contributions to the community.

His tenure witnessed educational success stories as he mentored and guided local children to excel in their Basic Education Certificate Examinations.

Notably, his efforts resolved the water crisis with the installation of boreholes and a polytank. He proudly showcased the area's improved lighting system, effectively combating theft and armed robbery, further reinforced by the establishment of a watchdog volunteer committee.

Additionally, his initiatives have facilitated employment opportunities for the youth, curbing unemployment challenges.

Looking ahead, Elder Arku unveiled upcoming projects, including educational funds, scholarship opportunities for deserving but financially constrained students, and various youth empowerment initiatives.

He passionately implored the community to recognize his commitment and vote for him in the upcoming elections.

As the sun sets over Essikafo-Ammbantem, a narrative unfolds—a community at a crossroads, faced with the challenge of revitalizing a forgotten institution.

Elder Arku's call for support echoes not just as a plea for reelection but as an impassioned plea for collective action, urging residents to unite in reclaiming the abandoned daycare, transforming it into a beacon of hope and opportunity once more.

It beckons the community to stand together, transcending barriers, and collectively script a new chapter of progress and unity in Essikafo-Ammbantem number one.