The Yvonne Nelson Effect: Embracing Candor for Nation Building
By: Sharckles - Kyzzfmonline
June 23, 2023


Lack of candor, what a huge problem it is.

Too many people instinctively don’t express themselves with frankness.

They don’t communicate straightforwardly or put forth ideas looking to stimulate real debate.

They just don’t open up, instead, they withhold comment or criticism. They keep their mouth shut to make people feel better or to avoid conflict and they sugarcoat bad news to maintain appearances.

They keep things to themselves, hoarding information.

That is all lack of candor, and it is damaging, and lack of candor permeates almost every aspect of our national life.

Forget the global economy and IMF, when your own worst enemy is the way you communicate with one another in the country!

The Yvonne Nelson Effect signifies a crucial yet overlooked aspect of nation-building - CANDOR

Its rarity is often underestimated, leading to the vilification, insult, and harassment of those who personify this valuable quality.

Lack of candor presents a significant problem as it hinders progress and effectiveness. Many individuals refrain from expressing themselves honestly, avoiding real debates and withholding criticism.

This pervasive lack of candor damages various facets of our national life, highlighting the urgent need for change.

The Power of Candor

Let us explore how embracing candor can contribute to effective nation-building, focusing on three key aspects:

Inclusion and Diverse Ideas

Yvonne Nelson exemplifies how candor fosters a more inclusive conversation. By encouraging people to state the obvious and freely express their ideas, a wealth of diverse perspectives emerges. This open dialogue allows for thorough discussions, analysis, and improvement of ideas. Consequently, individuals become more receptive and enlightened, creating an immediate advantage for any nation.

Speed and Agility

UT Kofi Amoabeng demonstrated how candor facilitates speed and agility. When ideas are openly debated and shared, they can be quickly expanded upon, refined, and put into action. This approach becomes an advantage and a necessity in today's fast-paced global marketplace.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Professor Frimpong Boateng highlights how candor leads to cost-cutting measures. By eliminating the need for redundant conferences and workshops that merely confirm existing knowledge, resources can be redirected to more meaningful endeavors.

The combined benefits and efficiencies of candor make it an invaluable asset for any nation.

Entertainment Industry's Role

The entertainment industry has unexpectedly stumbled upon a new avenue for nation-building.

Inspired by Yvonne Nelson's example, influential figures such as Jocelyn Dumas, Gifty Anti, and Nana Ama Macbrown are urged to champion the cause of candor.

By leading the crusade and demonstrating the importance and value of candor, they can drive positive change and inspire others to follow suit.


Candor holds greater importance and value than even the most precious resources like gold, oil, and cocoa.

Embracing candor in our national discourse is pivotal for progress and effective nation-building.

Just imagine the impact if influential figures like Sarkodie were to openly acknowledge the truth.

The time for change is now. Let us correct the way we communicate with one another, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.