Unveiling the Prophetic Vision: "Biblical Revelation of End Time Events, Second Coming of Christ" by Apostle Dr Rockefeller Owusu Sarfoh
By: Sharckle and Abena Asante - Kyzzfmonline
October 29, 2023


Apostle Dr. Rockefeller Owusu Sarfoh, the respected General Overseer of Christian Faith Mission International located in Takoradi-Kwesimintsim, graciously launched his long-anticipated vision book, "Biblical Revelation of End Time Events, Second Coming of Christ" on the 28th of October 2023.

The occasion took place at the conference room of the Efua Anoah Apartments, situated in the heart of Takoradi near the Takoradi Central Police Station.

This event was graced by a gathering of respected dignitaries.

The Author's Inspiration

Apostle Dr. Owusu Sarfoh shared the profound backstory of his writing journey. He recounted an extraordinary encounter with the Lord during his youth in the year 1978.

In this sacred vision, he received a divine message - to meticulously record all the signs heralding the End Times and, when the time came, to disseminate this knowledge worldwide.

On that day in 2023, his lifelong dream became a reality, and he expressed his profound gratitude for this divine opportunity.

Words from the Chairman

Dr. Joseph Nyamah, chairman of the program, expressed his joy in participating in this remarkable event.

He spoke of Apostle Dr. Rockefeller as a spiritual mentor who had guided and assisted him in numerous ways.

Dr. Nyamah was honored to chair the book launch and emphasized the significance of this momentous occasion.

Distinguished Attendees

The event attracted a distinguished array of guests, including Honorable Shamoo, the Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly, Dr. Andy Okine, Mrs. Nyamah, and some servants of God, all of whom gathered to support and celebrate this fine occasion.

Book Overview

Apostle Dr. Rockefeller Owusu Sarfoh's book, "Biblical Revelation of End Time Events, Second Coming of Christ," carries a powerful message encapsulated in its motto: "This Time He is Coming Like a Lion."

The book comprises 12 enlightening chapters spanning 130 pages, each meticulously crafted with biblical verses to provide profound insights into the signs heralding the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapter Highlights

·        Chapter One: Signs and Events to Happen in the Last Days This chapter delves into biblical references that unveil the events that will unfold in the Last Days. Topics covered include the rise of false prophets and religious compromise within the church. The chapter emphasizes that while false teachers may lead some astray, those who trust in the Lord during these perilous times will find salvation.

·        Chapter Four: The Petrifying Phase This chapter provides deep revelations about events on Earth following the Rapture of the Saints and the Great Tribulation. It explores concepts such as the Lord's vengeance, the Day of Calamity, the Day of Vengeance, and the Day of the Wrath of God, with biblical verses underscoring the gravity of these events.

·        Antichrist Rule Tribulation This segment offers a comprehensive view of Satan's counterfeit, the deception of the world's population, Lucifer's ascendancy as the world's dictator, the false peace achieved through strength, and the subjugation of all under his malevolent authority.

Spanning from pages 53 to 82, the chapters meticulously detail the days of Lucifer's rule, prompting readers to contemplate their preparedness.

Closing Thoughts

This book features numerous chapters that promise to be both engaging and enlightening.

Topics include the Battle of Armageddon, the fate of the Antichrist and false prophets cast into the lake of fire, the Bema Judgments, and more.

"This Time the Lord Jesus Christ is Coming Like a Lion," and readers are encouraged to seize this unique privilege, reflect on their lives, and prepare for the imminent return of Christ (Matthew 4:17, Matthew 3:2).