By: Kyzzfmonline
June 22, 2023

One might expect that a road in front of esteemed institutions such as Vodafone would be well-maintained for business purposes. However, that assumption would be incorrect, as the road is currently in a state of deterioration. Notably, this road not only serves Vodafone but also provides access to other important establishments, including Ghana Telecom University, Ghana Education Service (District Office - Sekondi Takoradi), Rent Control, Geological Department, and the Ghana News Agency.

Unfortunately, the upper section of the road is in poor condition. In an effort to gather information on the actions taken to address this issue, Kyzzfmonline visited each of the aforementioned institutions. At the Vodafone office, the head of retail declined to comment on the matter, clarifying that they are not responsible for the road's maintenance.

Ghana Telecom University stated that they are merely tenants and advised us to direct any inquiries to Vodafone. The Public Relations Officer of GES referred us to the Ghana News Agency.

During an interview with Madam Justina Paga, the Regional Manager for the Ghana News Agency, she disclosed that they have not yet reported the road's condition to Urban Roads. However, some drivers have expressed complaints about its poor state. Madam Justina Paga speculated that Urban Roads should already be aware of the road's condition and urged them to address the issue. She further suggested that the lack of funds might be the reason why the road has not been attended to, emphasizing that "Urban Roads is knowledgeable about the road conditions in the Municipality."