"We are focused on the limited Voter Registration" - Issa Fuseini
By: Samuel Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
September 27, 2023

: In response to the New Patriotic Party's press conference and the resignation of Alan Kyeremanten, Issa Fuseini, the Western Regional Communications Director of the party, shared several thoughts on the matter during an interview on Kyzz FM's morning show with Dr. Shackles. Here's a breakdown of his key points:

1. On-going Voter Registration:

• Mr. Fuseini emphasized that the party's primary focus at the moment is the ongoing voter registration process.

• He mentioned that the party is working in collaboration with constituency executives to ensure that all eligible individuals are able to register.

• Mr. Fuseini noted that they are gradually approaching their target number for registered voters.

• He highlighted Vice President Dr. Mahmud Bawumia's caution to parents not to allow underage children to register, as doing so could have negative consequences in the future.

• He encouraged the public to look forward to future registration opportunities if they are not eighteen years.

2. NPP's Press Conference:

• Regarding Alan Kyeremanten's resignation, Mr. Fuseini mentioned that the NPP held a press conference at its headquarters to acknowledge and accept his resignation formally.

• He stated that as a party, they wished Alan Kyeremanten well in his future endeavors and remained committed to the NPP's goals.

• Internally, some party members who supported Alan Kyeremanten expressed disappointment, but Mr. Fuseini pointed out that this demonstrated the party's unity and focus on winning the 2024 general elections.

3. Alan Kyeremanten's Resignation:

• Mr. Fuseini commented on the circumstances of Alan Kyeremanten's resignation, mentioning that party elders were unaware of his decision in advance.

• He acknowledged that some within the party had anticipated this move due to his previous resignations.

• Mr. Fuseini contested Alan Kyeremanten's claim that the party had been hijacked, asserting that such allegations were untrue.

• He expressed his lack of confidence in Alan Kyeremanten as a leader, citing a prior incident in 2007 as a basis for this lack of trust.

In summary, Issa Fuseini's remarks suggest that the NPP is focused on the ongoing voter registration process and maintaining party unity in the wake of Alan Kyeremanten's resignation. He also questioned the validity of Alan Kyeremanten's claims about the hijacked party and expressed his doubts about Alan's leadership abilities.