West-Tanokrom's District Assembly Elections: Unity, Development, and Controversies
By: Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
November 29, 2023

As the forthcoming district assembly elections loom on the horizon, West-Tanokrom resonates with the fervor of political engagement.

With new contenders emerging to challenge incumbents, the landscape is set for a spirited electoral battle. Incumbent assembly members, eager to retain their seats, are actively engaging with their constituents, stressing the importance of their continued support to sustain ongoing initiatives.

KYZZ FM recently engaged Honorable Tobis, the assembly member representing West-Tanokrom, on their morning show. Speaking with the host, Dr. Sharckles, Honorable Tobis articulated his achievements over nearly four years in office, highlighting unity as a paramount accomplishment in the area.

He elucidated on his hands-on approach to governance, emphasizing his consistent presence within the community to address challenges.

Honorable Tobis underscored his receptiveness to the concerns of community members, affirming his collaborative efforts with the unit committee and city authorities to proactively resolve issues together.

One notable success he emphasized was the resolution of the sanitation challenge in Sawmill.

Honorable Tobis credited the collaborative efforts with Mr. Baah for the installation of waste bins, significantly improving the area's sanitation.

Additionally, he highlighted developmental strides in Lagos Town and Top Ridge, attributing these advancements to his adept lobbying skills and his calm, collective approach to governance.

Addressing the controversies surrounding candidate eligibility, Honorable Tobis shed light on the situation involving Mr. Anderson, a former assembly member.

Alleging breaches in the nomination process, Honorable Tobis revealed that these issues led to an injunction on the elections for a period of four years.

Amidst the preparations for the impending elections, the district of West-Tanokrom stands at a critical juncture. The candidates' aspirations, and promises of unity, development, and governance form the backdrop against a backdrop of political intrigue and legal complexities.

The unfolding narrative in West-Tanokrom encapsulates the essence of democracy—a vibrant exchange of ideas, contrasting visions for progress, and the need for transparency and adherence to electoral regulations.

As the community prepares to exercise their voting rights, the echoes of unity, development, and controversies reverberate through the streets, shaping the future trajectory of West-Tanokrom's governance.