Western Region's Educational Review: Enhancing Learning Amid Challenges
By: Yeboah Adams - Kyzzfmonline
November 29, 2023

The Riverside Conference Centre in Shama became the stage for a pivotal event—the 2023 Zonal Educational Performance Review.

Three esteemed Directors of Education from Shama District Assembly, Wassa-East District Assembly, and Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly, alongside select school heads, congregated to appraise the region's educational landscape on November 28th, 2023.

Madam Felicia Agyeibea Okai, the Western Regional Director of Education, set the tone with an opening address lauding the collective efforts to improve education in the region.

While acknowledging the progress, she underscored the urgent need to tackle the pressing issue of sanitation in schools.

Embracing the exchange programs initiative, she encouraged schools to participate and glean insights for enhancement.

Mrs. Sally Nelly Coleman, the Metro Director of Education for STMA, shared insights into their commitment to elevating learning outcomes.

Notably, she highlighted an impressive 89.9% of BECE candidates qualifying for 2nd cycle institutions in 2022 and aimed for a 90% qualification rate in the current year's examination results.

Strategies to augment learning outcomes were unveiled, including inter-school and inter-circuit quiz competitions, STEM/AI quizzes, and Writing Competition collaborations with KYZZ FM.

Mrs. Coleman celebrated schools excelling in national literacy challenges, emphasizing the transformative impact of such competitions.

She spotlighted continuous monitoring, staff-initiated school adoptions, and vibrant school-based initiatives as pivotal strategies driving improvement.

However, amidst commendable achievements, Mrs. Coleman candidly addressed challenges.

Inadequate science tool kits for some schools, insufficient fuel and transport for monitoring, and issues of teacher commitment hindered targeted improvements.

She urged the timely release of administrative funds, and counseling for students and staff, and reinforced stakeholder collaboration to navigate these hurdles.

Madam Felicia Agyeibea, in her closing address, commended participants for their contributions.

She urged head teachers to encourage parental investment in reading materials and advocated active participation in educational forums to foster knowledge exchange and enhancement.

The event showcased a concerted effort to elevate educational standards despite challenges.

The commitment to innovation, collaboration, and perseverance highlighted the region's unwavering dedication to nurturing brighter futures through education.

As stakeholders forge ahead, armed with strategies and a collective resolve, the Western Region's educational journey continues, poised for greater heights in the pursuit of academic excellence and holistic development.